history of the mixtape

In The the 80’s I went to a wedding and they played great variety of music from a PA system They didn’t have a DJ! It turns out my cousin Steve made a set of mixtapes! The songs and artists were listed of them!

At the time I was getting into power walking for exercise. I started making mixtape to keep me motivated.

That summer I was stumped as to what to get my Dad for his birthday. A mixtape I thought! The only catch was how to get music he like onto it.

When he wasn’t home I would get records from his collection and make a tape. I did this without getting caught. There were a few close calls though!

When he got the tape he asked “where did you get these songs?” I had to tell him of my secret operation. He laughed but he Loved that tape’

I started making them for friends and family too!

Now many of you think of mixtapes are something that hip hop artists put out but This is the original meaning of a mixtape

A few Folks Suggested to me that I try to sell them but The RIAA frowns upon that!

Once in a while I’ll be talking to a friend and we talk about the days of the mixtape!

The creative process was fun.Your could switch from taping off a record,CD or cassette but if there were interruptions like phone calls or friends stopping by your train of thought was derailed and the creative flow got messed up. Sometimes It could take a few hours to make a tape and other times it would take days if your schedule was busy!

There were tapes that I was very happy the way they came out and others I would be like Hmm could have done better!

I would get a kick out of the fact I put a favorite song on a tape for someone without even knowing it was a fave of theirs!

I still have many of my mixtapes and play them in my car!



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