My Music Collection Part 3!

I’m starting to get the hang of the new blog and like it here more pics

My collection is eclectic! My influences are many!

In or around 2009 I started getting into social media. First it was Myspace. I searched groups and typed it CD mix makers and found a group of people who traded mixes via mail!

There are others who enjoy making mixes as much as I do? That group lasted a few months and then the admin got busy with a new job or something and that disbanded. a found 2 more that lasted a bit longer and the longest running connection I have it with a man names Larry.

When he sends mixes he includes what inspired the mix and the memory behind certain songs. He enjoys country and oldies the most.

The other is George. He Loves Country and bluesgrass.

My world music professor is a guy who’s screen name is Al Telstar. He sends me mixes filled with music from Cambodia,Russia and oddities from the 60s and 70s including space rock and early electronic music. He’s an atheist but doesn’t mind my Christmas mixes.

Sadly many of my other mix makers have abandoned making mixes. I guess life gets in the way, but there are still some out there.



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