The upgrade-CD mixes!

My Dad and I moved from Bay Head to Point Pleasant in a Mother Daughter house with my sister and her family after my Mom died!

Shortly after moving in the right side of my dual cassette player broke and shortly after moving in my turntable could not be located! Murphy’s law was really with me. My days of making mixes was over. Murphy won that round!

On my birthday I got some nice things including a pack of CD-Rs!

“These are nice but I don’t have a computer” I told whoever gave them to me.

“Oh by the way we are getting you a computer and you can make mixes on CD” my sister informed me.

a week or two later my brother in law went online and we ordered one. I was exited and weary at the same time. OK I knew how to email and look things up but had my doubts I would be able or learn how to make CD mixes. I didn’t think I would be able to learn it. I’m not tech savvy.

I had my computer before Christmas.It was a Dell. It had a big screen and a tower thing with two CD drawers.

Dan hooked to up and loaded all the programs in and that weekend it seems I spent all day on tutorials. Many I grasped the first time but there were some I had to re watch. I had the music match program with showed how to rip and make music CD’s.

When I finally burned my first mix It felt great. I was back in the mix making game! I wanted to jump up and down like Rocky!

The great thing was making a great playlist and saving it. point and click .it was that easy!

The creative process of making a tape was fun for its day but making a playlist and burning a CD mix took minutes not days! doing the cover art was fun too.



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