And off I go

OK so where did I leave off last night?Oh yes .Learning to make CD mixes! OK so in the beginning I had a program called Music Match that came with the computer! I was enjoying it. I had it for about a year and then one day it told me non of the music I had in it wasn’t mine. Huh? Well it turns out Yahoo or someone bought the company! Sh-t! I deleted the program and installed an itunes program that came with my ipod!

Learned itunes was like starting over again but I learned quickly. I cut out photos from old magazines or got photos from Google images before I got a digital camera! that story is for another blog. OK here here are some photos of some cd mixes

Many of the tracks on these mixes are from CDs that I own but sometimes when I want to make a mix with new music but finances are tight I go to the local library. I even have a library hits mix here. Tip- When you pick up a CD from the library check it for scratches.The same does for buying CDs at Fleas Markets and yard sales and anywhere else you buy used music.

I remember one time I got a CD from the library and it was scratched as hell. I took it back and told my two librarian friends and my one friend Virginias jaw nearly hit the ground.

No one was in there but me but I was told later she doesn’t approve of that language. oh note to self the filter on on high on the library too as well as work.

OK so here are a few current mixes!

My Christmas mix is one I look forward to making every year. This year Soul,Reggae and oldies are featured! I make about 150! I Just made 30 for my coworkers. They all express excitement and anticipation right before Thanksgiving and are saying stuff Like “Can’t wait till I get your Christmas mix!”

I also make them for store owners I know and patronize throughout the year!


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