my photography

I got my first Camera at 12 years old. It was a Polaroid. It was so cool taking pictures and seeing them a minute later and the smell of the developing film was cool too.

In high school I got an Instamatic. I didn’t get a 35mm Camera till I was in my 30s. I took pictures of almost everything. If I took pictures at parties I had doubles make. There were times that got expensive! A few years back it got harder to find film. I was encouraged to go digital by a few friends. I held out on going digital for awhile. It would make me a slave to technology or make me a 21st century woman?

In 2012 I got a Sony Cybershot for Christmas. It was a nice camera. @ years ago thought it slipped out of my Hands and fell to its death! My next Camera is a Nikon S9900! I still have it too!

Next to music Photography is my second favorite hobby! I love taking landscape photos. If I see cool sunsets I grab my camera and go

I also make video blogs on youtube or Vlogs as they are called but here are a few of my best my opinion.

I welcome you to check out my Vlogs on youtube also


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