Thank you Amazon

Last week I got a gift card to amazon as payment for the Harvest fest gig I did in mid October.

I wasted no time in getting on line and using it. I ordered A pack of 100 CDrs. I had some money left over so I got a James Brown Christmas CD! He had a reputation as being kinda tough but I also think he had a good heart! Perhaps it was the pressures of fame and all that came along with it.Partying and drugs and alcohol abuse.

A review coming soon.

Meanwhile Last night I got a few request for my Christmas Groove 2016 mix. Its cool this day in age that people still are interested in Mix CDs even though there’s Pandora,Spotify and so on! Today I sent out 7 packages and as costly as it may seem I know there will be smiles and happy recipients on the receiving end! I even was told by a coworker today he was listening to my 2013 Christmas mix! That made me smile.


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