Thank You WordPress

I have not been on wordpress long but I’m already feeling the love and the Joy of connecting with other like minded folks! I’m Chuffed! In England that means excited!

This is a good day! i had 2 things on my list to do today. 1 Get new windshield wiper blades for my car at the local Napa store.Done! Go get Jewel Cases for my CDrs at the Stationary store.Done and while I was there I got some Christmas cards. Bam!

To top things off i had money for Wine! Yeah baby! Turn on the tunes and pour the wine but oh remember its a school night!

I look forward to my wonderful journey her at wordpress and making new friends!

Peace ,Love and Music



3 thoughts on “Thank You WordPress

  1. hey @trishms thanks for the follow on my blog ! it’s awesome that you make mixes, I would really like to hear them, you should start a youtube channel, like I did a year or so ago. Of course the copyright claims do get a bit annoying so you should keep you ear open for underground tunes which you can mix and post. Check out my channel –

    I hope you make one too. If you want to upload mixes of popular mainstream music then you can check out

    Enjoy !

    Cheers 🙂


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