Yes You Can Part 2

Becoming born again was great and I leaned many things from it. Opening the Door to my heart to The Lord and letting him take control. I went to Bible studies,and retreats and for a year or two I went to a Baptist Church.

This wasn’t so Pleasing to my parents being I was raised Catholic but they were glad to was hanging our with church groups and not raving in dance clubs I’m sure!

A few things disturbed me though. Baptist Ministers liked to put down other Denominations although the Bibles States Not to judge!

They Also have this mentality about secular music! They say that secular music is the devils music! Really? so why are televangelists who get up stage prancing around preaching the Gospel and singing praise music getting in all kinds of trouble with extra marital affairs huh?

The church you go to and and the music you list to does not make you a better Christian than anyone else. Is how you conduct your life that matters.

realizing this I went back to my Catholic roots.

When the girl in the wheelchair who I was an aid to graduated  My boss kept me on as an office assistant. I mostly ran the copier and became known as the Copy Jockey!

I also Covered the Desk when the secretary was out. This was before technology took over I answered the phone ,logged calls and wrote down names of who was out.

In the or around 1988 we had a phone chain for snow days. One snow day whoever was supposed to call me did not and assumed school was in session so I headed in.

When i stopped at an intersection  I fishtailed. Lucky for me not one was was on the road but me! When I pulled in the parking lot my heart was still pounding. The only other Car I was was our new Custodians Frank!

I walked and and when He saw me he said schools closed! I explained to him was happened and he told me how God is looking out for me. I didn’t take me long to find out that he too was a Christian!




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