Yes you Can Part 3 Thinking Positive!

OK so were was I Oh yes,discovering I had a brother in the Lord right at work.So cool. Frank and I would share Bible verses on the DL! Its a shame that we can talk about the Jersey Devil in public school but you can’t openly talk about the Love and mercy of our lord and savior. They even stopped having rabbis and priests at graduations. Folks wonder why College kids have no direction after they graduate, no hope!

That retreat was responsible for saving my life I’m sure! Frank and I cared about the kids. We both hoped they all went home to loving and caring home but know there were families that were not so happy going through divorces. The Parents had custody battles and didn’t think of how the kids were effected. some kids acted out in school as a result.

In the Early 1990s Frank Told be he was DJing the School Dances and wanted to know if I could put some 45s on cassette?  I asked him if He needed a helper and he said sure!

I came to the dances and cued requested songs up on the tapes. We were a hit. A year Later he upgraded to CDs but still did tapes too.

I would makes mixtapes for him to play at the dances but his son Joey one upped me with CDs during the early days of Napster!

Cathy Franks wife joined the teamed and when Frank went all CD we stilled showed up for moral support and to watch his gear when he would takes bathroom breaks.

In 2001 there was a signup sheet for the school fair. The light in my head lit up. I went to Frank and said “hey why don’t we DJ the School Fair? Better yet Why I bring my gear and YOU can DJ!” he replied!” Me use YOUR DJ gear?” I said in shock

“Yeah you know what to play and you know what to say!” he replied

To be trusted like that blew my mind! I was excited and nervous at the same time but I received positive feedback and after the fair Frank called me saying I was a better DJ then him. Heck If I was half the DJ he was I was happy.

For Health reasons he has to retire from DJing in 2005 but I kept DJing the school fair with his gear till I saved up for my own which I bought in 09!

I told him he was the my DJ Mentor and the best teacher I ever had! A good Mentor helps you believe in yourself and raises the bar on your potential until your ready to fly off and realize your dream.

Not long after I got my gear I had my first was a 40th Birthday Party and I packed the dance floor! I wasn’t drinking at all but seeing the dance floor packed gave me a natural high! I did It! I became a real DJ!

In 2014 Frank retired from The school but I will always remember him as my Big Brother and DJ Mentor and Teacher and for giving me “The Yes I can” Mindset!

To realize your dream Push the Negative thoughts away and develop a Yes I can mindset! It may take a while and you may need help but once you reached your goal you’ll feel great!


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