This is the most hard and emotional blog I will ever write! you may Learn from this so please Pay attention.

OK so when I was born I was a mere 3 lbs. Being a was  small the Doctors

advised my parents to put me in a special Ed class. As I result I learned at a slower pace. By middle school I was so confused as to what I was capable of! By high school I know I was not an athlete. Running 4 laps of a 440 track sucked the life out of me! Math was a real brain drain but art was a beautiful place. My art Teacher Mrs Colie was one of the teacher I looked up.

One time my Homeroom Teacher Mr Becker switched my schedule around and I’m guess failed to tell the office. One day In art Class Mrs Colie asked me if things were OK with me. When i told here yes she informed me I was on the cut list. Being on the cut list means you have not ben attending a scheduled class.  I explained to her that Mr Becker changed my schedule and she assured me she would look into it. I wasn’t one of the kids who skipped class.way! One day while helping out in the attendance office  I heard our Vice principal saying” alright young man your coming down to the office with me”

I saw him with his fingers pinching this kids earlobe and walking him down to his office! Talk about a scared straight moment! After that i did not have to think twice about doing something stupid!

There was another class I had. Office practice. Little did a know at the time How effective this class would be. Our teacher was Mrs Prifold.

She gave use words to study that are important in the business world and would do spelling tests. After one spelling test I got a bad grade and I expressed self doubt!

When i tell you she jumped on me well  it was verbally.” What?stop that negative thinking!”

She gave me a speech about positive thinking I really needed! Being I was in a special Ed class i didn’t think I would make anything of myself. She taught me to think differently!

Between Jr an senior year I took a test that was  confirmation I was not as bad I I thought I was! My guidance counselor told me ” Trish your NOT Retarded! You can get a job and drive a car! Those words blew my mind! Hearing the Line NOT RETARDED blew the doors off my low self esteem!

Although I heard these words It would take a while for them to sink in. After graduation I had the summer off and was told I would be going to Ocean County vocation school !

After that I got a Job At Starline Aluminum assembling window frames. later I got a job at BHS  helping a girl.

Between the starline Aluminum gig and BHS I joined a church group Trinity Baptist Church and went on a retreat. This retreat was instrumental to more positive thinking.

There was this guy Bill Frangoine who sang and played guitar. He sang a song called He’s Alive By Don Fransiscos. After hearing That song They did what is called an alter call I opened my heart to Jesus and became Born Again!






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