2016 the year in review

OK this is my annual yeah in review

2016 started out well Work at the school was going wel and our new coper was working well too. Savins are good Copiers. The don’t break down often but when they do the repair is the the next day.

The new Gym was completed. It looks great.

The Winter wasn’t that bad. Having a DJ gig or too helps get through it. I was hoping my luck would be great in respects to gigs in the summer but being they were all outside events all got rained out but The Clambake. Dayam!

Health wise things were good.

We lost some great musical acts this year though including Prince.Wow no one saw that coming. Sharon Jones, Glenn Frey,David Bowie and Leonard Cohan.What a blow!

I got in the pool a few times this summer and it felt good.

Next year We hope Charlies and the New Bay Head Boro Hall and oh yeah The Halfmoon Cafe Open up.

Oh 2017 please be a better year!



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