Step away from temptation!

Yesterday I went on a quick errand on my bike and it was cold. on the way I found out it was 35 degrees and I was facing the wind! On the way back it wasn’t as bad but the north wind is so cold this time of year!

7 more envelopes are filled with Christmas cards and CDs and I’m going to work on more tonight.

After my last order Of CDs came I swore to myself and my youtube viewers I would not but anything else for myself unless I got a gift card. Temptation was trying me last night when I got an email from for 99 cent Christmas CDs! such a tempting offer,such great prices but No no noo! I must stick to my guns and keep my word. With that I deleted the email!

Today was mostly A lazy day tillI realized theres trash to be taken out and dishes to be washed. As I’m typing this the dishwasher is doing its thing!

I also did a Vlog too on youtube and I welcome you to see it and subscribe and comment.




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