The mixtape is still alive

many People think the mixtape is dead due to MP3s, Pandora and Spotify but folks let me tell you the mixtape still lives in CD form.

Not only do I make  Mix CDs for others but there are folks who enjoy making them too!

I have a online friend Names Larry and he and I have been sending each other mixes through the mail for years. I have other mix CD trading friends but Larry is as Passionate and consistent as I am about making and sending mixes through the mail despite the rise in postage!

Cover Art

Where Do I get my cover art?

Often I will search my photos to see is there is a picture that goes well with the title. Other times I will go though old magazines for cool pictures. Printer ink can be costly! You can also search Google images too.

The best CDrs. In the early 90s I discovered Maxell was my tape of choice and its now my CDr of Choice!

Ideas for songs. Some folks have a break up mix or a getting over you mix. I don’t base my mixes over sad emotions only happy emotions. Most of my mixes are eclectic. Sometimes I’ll make a cocktail mix ,an oldies mix etc.

I’m thinking of a music legends mix of many of our music heroes now in the eternal Rock Band.

I hope this have inspired Your creativity. Make a mixtape or CD! Its still cool! heres some mixes from 2013!

I didnt make all these mixes in 2013 but I took pictures of them in 2013.

I hope you are inspired! Lets make the Mix cool again!


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