What Can YOU do to make America Great again

OK so everyone is holding their breath to sed what our new president will do, How will he change the course? Why is is all up to him? Can YOU do something ?

I remember after the election how so many folks went out into the streets protesting,blocking traffic and making a lot of noise and disruption and even destruction! These were Anti Trump people.

OK remember when they asked Trump if he would accept a defeat? Well look How Clinton’s supporters reacted! Riots,Protests and so forth! Are you serious?

There are folks still not over it.

We all have the power to make someone else’s life easier if only for a moment. If you coming in or out of a store and see a mobility challenged person coming ,open the door for them.  If your at Costco and and about to put you cart back and someone is looking for one give them yours. So what if you don’t get your quarter back.

little things like this DO mean a lot to some. Random acts of kindness does a long way. We live in such a fast paced would. We need to slow down a minute to consider others.

Give that street musician a Dollar? no,give him two! Think about the joy he is filling your heart with. That money you put in his guitar case may be buying his next meal.

Instead of giving a man on the street money give him a gift card to Duncan donuts or 7-11! This way your sure he or she won’t be buying drugs!

Its not just up to the President to turn things around.We ALL can play a part in making things better! As James Brown Said in a Song . Get up and get involved!


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