As memories go by

Back in the Mid 90’s The was a hair salon in Bay Head Called Peachy’s 2. The Owner was Mary Ann Flemming. I would make her mixtapes and she loved them. When I got my hair cut she would give me ideas for her next mix.

Once in a While,My other friend and I went to a local spot called the Bluffs. She and Irene would give me a dollar and make requests for songs in the jukebox. I worked my magic and mostly got positive comments on my selections. Most of the folks in there were into jazz and oldies. Once in a while I’d get a Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash request. If someone punched in a hard rock song They would Be like “Trish did you program this s–t in?” Most of the time I was not me.

Today I learned that Mary Ann Passed away. It was Cancer! Damn that Cancer! God Speed my friend! I will remember you always!



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