The Very Last blog of 2016!

First of all let me start out my saying Thank YOU to all my readers and followers here at wordpress. The love and respect here unleashes positive energy and creative thoughts and ideas.

My blog a day was fun but a head cold and a pulled muscle in my back interrupted the momentum! Some good rest and Motrin got me back on track.

2016 has been quite a year. In early October my CD burner went south on me and I thought I was done making mixes but a few days later a very kind friend sent me an external CD burner!

a Month later I thought about giving up on blogging because hardly anyone was reading my blogs at my former site and I put my all in them and someone told me about wordpress. Holy Cow Folks actually read them and I have followers who comment!

Yes 2016 has had its trials and tribulations but also its high points for me too!

I look forward to posting more blog and more photography and meeting more of you and seeing what you have on you blogs. I look forward to meeting more bloggers ,photographers and fellow music lovers!

Have a happy and healthy 2017!

Peace,Love and keep the good tunes spinning




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