Random thoughts #1 of 2017

This Morning I popped an old mixtape in my car that I made in the 1990’s. On the way home I remember that the pint of milk I had was very low. I stopped at Lortons deli and picked up more. While waiting at the light a song came on called Daddy’s Little Girl by Al Martino! I remember having that on 45 and it was a tad scratchy.

“Man I gotta get a clean version of that” I thought on the way home. when I got home I got changed fired up the computer but I was feeling tired so I logged of and took a power nap.

I had Dinner and loaded up the dishwasher. Getting the cap off the container of dish washing detergent was a tad harder today. was it because I just woke up or is age creeping up on me? I did get it open after a few tries. Dayam!

I filled it up and hit the start button and then headed back to the computer. For some reason I was going through my photo and video archived and had some good video clips I didn’t delete yet! the creative wheels in my mind started to turn. I manages to create a video of the great clip I have saved this year!

you may see the video at


I welcome you to like and subscribe!


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