Random Thoughts #2 of 2017

Being Mueller’s Bakery is closed for a few weeks Lortoans Deli is my source for lunch or coffee for work. We have a lunch service 3 days a week so I decided to try it.

I told the girl at Lortons about our new lunch service but assured her  I will still be a customer! I got a meatball sub today and it wasn’t bad!

I told a friend of mine that I heard U2 is coming out with a new album. She rolled her eyed because their last album was sent to her itunes free  and it took up space on her computer. AVG but have blocked it from my computer because I never got it.

Speaking of music I’m still listening to the old mixtape with Daddy’s little girl on it. As I was going for a coffee run before work today Kay Starrs side by side came on. I was trying to remember where I got that 45. I remember it was at a garage sale and I bought 3 45s

Kay Starr,Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Dorsey. I think I had a mixtape for my dad in mind when I bought that batch! I fast as making CD mixes are I do remember the creative process of cassettes being fun except if the record skipped. I had to stop the tape while cursing a bit find out why it skipped, go back to the end of the last song and pick a new song to follow that!

Yard  and garage sales are tricky though. You try to inspect the record,tape or CD for scratches but try not to be obvious and they owner is staring at you!

I rememberYard Sales Buying a jazz compilation for a dollar and I still play it as cocktail hour music at  the firemens dinner and people like it.

So After work today I headed out on the bike because I heard theres a cold front coming.

In my travels I got sugar and soda from 7-11, some CD-rs from Butlers and a bottle of white Zinfindel from from Gerards and it all fit in my backpack. I may need 2 Motrin tomorrow for a sore back!

As I’m writing this I can hear the wind picking up but I got a few things I wanted to cabin fever won’t bother me!

I won this round Murphy’s law! BAM!


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