Too blessed to be stressed

Last night as I watched the snow plows do they’re thing I thought I would wake up to a big pile of snow blocking my exit tomorrow. I was wrong.

Not only that but my car was cleared of snow.  I asked my niece if she was the wonderful person who did that. She said no. Either my brother in law Dan did it or that strong north wind we got this morning did it. Either way I’m happy . It save me a half hour of very cold work, but despite all that goodness I should leave earlier for work in case the roads are still nasty. If things go REAL good I can meet my friend Chip for coffee at Lortons!

I made myself a tuna fish Sandwich tonight to bring to work with me tomorrow to save money. I’m always white knuckled to the wheel in the weather. I hope the roads are not a mess! I an NOT a fan of driving in this weather!

My brother in laws sister and husband gave me an itunes card for Christmas and I bought a few songs and have $5.00 credit left so I’ll spend the rest on songs I really want. I found Daddy’s little girl my the Mills brothers. its nice! the next mix will have a tropical flavor to it!

OK time to go to bed. G’night!



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