January brings 2 bad things. Frigid weather and the month we lost a great woman. My mom

My mom was a sweet and caring person. When she died in 2003 she just celebrated 38 years of sobriety. She was often on the phone talking to someone who was struggling and needed a listening ear.

She even gave me a good talking to at a time she thought I was in danger of going down a bad road. She told me that if she didn’t stop drinking she was going to lose my brother and me! Sobriety keeps your mind and thoughts clear.

She has a great sense of humor too. I forget what we were laughing about one day but I’m sure we were both laughing for 10 minutes straight. I’m surprised I didn’t pee my jeans.

The outpouring of love and support at her funeral was mind blowing. I know of a few people who she helped get and stay sober. I think out of all of those people I think only 2 relapsed.

One of the many things my moms death taught me is that we all have the power to leave an power mark in the life we left but its up to us what kind of mark we leave.

We can leave a mark of love,caring and compassion or be a mean ,bad so n so!

Its up to us what kind of legacy we leave behind.

My mom was also a good Christian. She went to church almost every day. She and I often went together but after she died it was hard to go to church without remember the day of her funeral and it was hard being there without her!

It was even harder after my Dad died.

I.m sure they are up in heaven having a ball watching what going on down here with me. I hope I’m making them proud!




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