Oh behave!

During the election people who calling each other names on facebook and bashing each other if they disagreed. One the election was over Things started to calm down. That behavior has returned like acne!

Look up Opinion in the dictionary folks and chill out. Its called individual thinking! not everyone thinks or acts like you but for Gods sake its not the end of the world.

Grown adults are acting like 3 year olds if their friend don’t agree with them and unfriending them. What?you don’t agree with me? I’m gonna unfriend you!

I know folks who are wishing that a disagreement was their biggest problem but they have to deal with bigger things like death in the family,not have enough hours at work etc.

How did they people get to where they are??? Not everything goes they way we want it! Didn’t we learn this as kids!?

Rioting and looting won’t solve anything either. your just destroying other peoples lives by doing that! Is that how you were raised?

want real results?

sit down and write the president a professional letter stating your concerns and mail it to the White house! you might even get a response!



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