Out and about

Early this morning I didn’t think there would be a bike ride so I went back to bed. I woke to natures call at 11:30 and it had stopped raining. I check my email,brushed my teeth and got dressed.

My first stop was Lorton’s Deli where I had a Blueberry Muffin and a large coffee. If the Blueberry Muffins taste home made its because they are!

Afterwards I stopped bu the Bay Head Recycling Center and saw my longtime friend James Dalton who I join musical forces with at an event or two in town.

Not only does he play a mean harmonica and guitar but he also has a knowledge and bees and their nests and activity around the are around the recycling center!

Last but not least I stopped by my friends George and

Beths house where the NYE party takes place.

here are a few photos from my day including a pretty duck That I don’t know what king it is. if you do know I welcome you to post what you know in the comments!

Tomarrows Weather will be less favorable according to the forecast but we shall see!


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