The art of Staying in touch

Its been awhile since I has heard from some of my cousins. I called her but her mailbox was full! I got a tad worried so I texted her! I replied today saying she was alright but really busy!

Before being computer literate I used to just sit at my desk and call folks I have not heard from in a while or hand write thema letter and mail it out.

Today with most of friends and family on facebook,twitter or whatever you can find out that your loved ones are up to in a minute.

When you don’t hear from someone for a while you become concerned. For me the old fashioned way or calling someone up to see how they are works best.. most of the time!

The ways of staying in touch has changed but the the art of Communication still is in a simple phone call for email or text.

When someone knows you took time to reach out in concern for then they feel the love!

So Take a few minute and reach out and call someone you haven’t heard from in a spell. you’ll be surprised how happy you’ll make them!


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