Random Thoughts #3

So last weeks gig at the firehouse went well. I received nice compliments and all went well switch from the music to the Auxiliary hook up for the sound for the projector!

I week later I was asked if I was going to spin at the gift Auction as I did last year. some suggested I send an email to the chair person offering my services. I got the gig. I also will be at Earth day! I hope this year is a better year for gigs.Last summer all but 1 gig got rained out. I hope mother nature is nicer to me this year! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that has a bad summer with out door DJ gigs!

OK I made a new playlist and have yet another one in mind but A title isn’t coming to mind.

I’m still waiting for the arm strap for my gopro to arrive in the mail. Wednesday is going to be 60 degrees according to the weather and it would be cool to do a debut gopro bike ride video with the arm strap!

I can’t believe its March already but so glad spring is coming! I have a few ideas for videos but I must wait for nicer weather!

The other day when I announced recess was outside on the schools PA system I was so happy to hear cheering from the lower wing! Then you see lines of happy children walking down the hall!

Before I know it it will be time for Coppertone 30 and a bottle of water. patience girl patience!



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