Random Thoughts #4

You may ask me so Trish Why do you have a series called random thoughts? Well because I’ll be writing about many things in this blog. Sometimes I know several thoughts and things I want to talk about. Its not just one thing. Oh don’t worry though theres no ranting,offensive language or evil thoughts or intentions so sit back with a beverage and read on.

Todays plan to go on a bike ride and get cool photos and video were cancelled by rain. I mainly just sat in my chair at the computer most of the day bouncing around from facebook, youtube and my email. I found a few CD’s that I should return to the library but that will wait till Monday.

I can’t complain though some times I love lazy days. The list of things I want to do will just wait. Its Saturday.

Last night I sat around listening to music and had 4 glasses of wine. getting up today wasn’t easy but I’m the only one to blame for that now aren’t I?

Next week I will be entertaining folks going to the BHS gift Auction at Martells! My boss asked me if I will have a few drinks I told be rule #1 the DJ does NOT get drunk! I provide the fun not partake in it. That comes Later!

I will also be DJing at earth day April 22 which is also record store day for you vinyl collectors and DJs! support you local record store!

The next day is the Beach House Board swap where folks put their surfboards up for sale or swap! There’s no space for my DJ set up but I video tape it instead to show support! This year I’m going to try to score a few more interviews!

I’m going to try something new and try to get some interviews with some local business owners. perhaps it will help there business and my channel too and give young folks an idea of what they want to do in life! Perhaps it will give someone an incentive to stay away from drugs and crime and do something positive!

heres the link to my channel if you want to check it out!


Swing on by,comment and subscribe and if you are so inspired start a channel of your own or if you have one already please let me know and I’ll check it out!



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