Blind Buys

Once in a While I go to a local Antique mall. It used to be a Woolworth’s till the 90’s I think or when they went belly up! The red W tile is still at the doorway when is cool and the original creaky wooden floors and stairs going to the second floor are still there.

I think the freight elevator is still there too! You couldn’t pay me to ride that! Heck NOOOO!

A few years ago I found out they had used CD’s. I have filled holes in my collection and also picked up blind buys like this one. Thanks to my growing knowledge of jazz and world music I recognized a few names here so I picked it up and have played it twice!

one or two song will be on my next mix Spring Break 2017 and it will most likely be a 2 CD set. The creative engine as I call it is revved up and ready to go!

you can see what else I picked up in my latest video

here’s the link

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