Don’t stop Creating!

Today Casey Neistat inspired young you tubers to keep creating. I’m not a young youtuber but it was still inspiring.

As a mixmaker and a youtuber I related to what he was saying

A few folks tell me I should give up making CD mixes because do one listens to CDs anymore. WRONG! Many prefer physical media because the enjoy looking and reading the track list and liner notes!

As a youtuber well I’ve been making videos since 2012 and barely have 600 subscriber but as I was reminded recently the ones who do watch really enjoy my videos. It quality over quantity. Don’t get caught up with numbers.

My DJ gear is note the latest set up but I still get gigs and people still enjoy what I play.

Many think that not having the up to the minute technology is uncool! The new stuff still breaks or does function as well as its hyped up too.

If you are doing well and are comfortable with the gear camera,DJ set up etc keep going! Stop worrying that its not the latest and up to the minute stuff.

Keep creating! enjoy it.



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