The Search for Perfection

In November when Donald Trump Got elected.Many thought things would instantly get better. When they didn’t People got angry.

When Sports Fans Team have a good year they expect them to stay on top. The same goes for Music,Movies and TV.

Who was blown away when Tiger Woods and Bill Cosby’s scandals came out? I was!

We get images of certain folks,especially celebrities and often times they aren’t what we thought they were.

We search for Hero’s and role models and put them up on a pedestal thinking they are perfect.

You can Search for Perfect man or woman to spend the rest of your days with or the perfect perfect person to fun for office etc

OK stop searching for perfection because you won’t find it here.

The Only one who is perfect is..GOD!

God is Love

God is Forgiveness

God is compassion

and God answers all your prayers

and God Loves us all!

Yes God Loves YOU!

CNN isn’t reporting it but there is good new out there!

Where can you get such good news?

The Bible!


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