Random Thoughts #7

Hello and greetings from the Jersey Shore. I hope you all are having a great summer.

First off let me thank everyone for taking time out to read this. I truly appreciate you reading this. As mushy as it sounds how many blogs get this mushy? I have barely been on here a year but do feel loved and appreciated here and know that at least one person will read and give my blog a good read which inspires me to keep on blogging. You are the spark that lights the fire of creation.

OK enough mushiness! I must confess I have not given your blogs equal time this summer but that will change.

Apart from the temporary closing of the  of the state parks I have not paid any attention to politics lately. was the timing of that so wrong or is it just me? The politicians in our state are the ones that give NJ a bad name folks. The average citizens are good folks.

So what is there in good news? well…

Santana and Jack Johnson are releasing new recordings soon and The Bay Head Fire company clambake is coming up soon.

I’ve had 3 DJ gigs this summer and non of them got cancelled by rain. yay! I hope mother nature continues to be nice to me in that respect.

The other day I had a conference with the Lord and Promised him after Labor day I would get my bad self back to church. whether its Sacred Heart of Jersey Shore Christian chapel is yet to be determined, I may alternate both but as important as it is to go to church its more important to live a good life outside those for walls too..

OK its a work night my friends

time to say



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