thunder postpones day of fun and photography

So this morning ofter turning off my alarm I went back to bed and started thinking about what I was going to do today on my day off. Perhaps a trip to the antique Pavilion and then the boardwalk and zzzz I dozed off again.

Natures call woke me up at 11:45. I answered the call ,brushed my teeth and got dressed. whats in my hip pack, my walled,keys phone and ah yes the Camera! I’m ready.

As I’m heading out a see a bee on a flower and whip out the camera. I started a safe distance of course.

Then I heard what I thought was thunder. One side of the house was  blue skies and sunshine but the other side was grey and looking like rain. I waiting a moment to see and hear if indeed I heard thunder. I did hear another rumble. dammit! there goes that day.

I did get a cool mix from a fellow mix maker Justine which but a little sunshine in my day and I did happen to get a nice shot of last nights moon  I’ll post. I have tomorrow off to so hopefully  it will be better!



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