Tips for new Mix makers

Here is a mixtape from 1997

Thinking of getting into making mixtapes or mix CDs? During these days where theres no concerts or Clubs to go to now is a great time to start this hobbie and share music with friends.

I started making mixtapes in the late 1980s up till 2003 when I graduated to CDs! here are a few tips Ill share with You

There are a few tape brands I trusted back in the day

Maxell was the preferred choice. (0 minutes tapes were the best and if you find 100 minutes tapes thats cool too. TDK was #2 in my book.

If your writing out the tracklist. Make sure you have a pen that works well on the surface of the J card. Printing out the tracklist in all capes is best so people can read it!

If you record off vinyl make sure your record doesn’t skip. Play the song you want to use in the mix before you record it to make sure it plays well do the same with CDs and pre recorded tapes.

Name your mix! It does have to be fancy.Sometimes I just name my mixes the month they were made Like June 2020.

Cover art

Sometimes I use pictures in my computer for cover art and other times Ill use a pictures from an old magazine or catalog. Computer ink is costly!

Thebest CD rs or blank CDs as I call them

Verbatim is a brand I have been using for years. You can find them in walgreens or your locall stationary store like staples

Mailers – A 6×9 mailer can fit 2 CDs in the slim jewel cases! Make sure you use envelopes with the bubble wrap in them!

I hope these have been helpful tips.

Want to Join a group

On instagram you can find a group dedicated to the mixtape called ” I will make you a mixtape”

I have a page for you Mix CD fans simply called djtrishm

There is also a Group space

here is the link


I hope these tips and leads to groups are helpful to you

There are many folks who still enjoy makes mixtapes and mix CDs so make a mix and make a friend!

Happy mixing


P.s If you would like to do a mixCD trade with me my email is

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