Happy News

Yesyou read right I wrote happy news!

I read on facebook that the annual art in the Part is on for June 27th in Bay Head Centennial Park! I will be Deejaying and hoping my friend James will be returning too! This will most likely be my first gig of the year because of Covid.

I asked on one of the mix pages Who would like to do a CD mix trade and someone responded! That got me smiling. a few other folks are interested in getting a mix as well but I asked them if they wanted a copy of my reggae mix after they gave it a thumbs up!

OK so now I’m on the subject of making mixes.yeah roll your eyes. but for those of you who are saying your computer doesn’t have a burner this is for you

You can go on Amazon and get a LG slim portable DVD Writer and plug it in to the USB port on you laptop! Althought it says DVD writer it burns CDs too!

That my friends is the news of the day!

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