I got to the post office..Finally!

After a month and a half of waiting I finally made it to the post office and got a few packages out. One was going to the UK so I know I couldn’t mail them all out but I got 10 mailed and estimated just right about how much cash I would need. I stink at math but this time I was right.

another trip to the post office is planned sometime next week. As I’m typing this I have earth wind and Fire Best of playing in the background. Such great beats and the harmony. Oh Yeah!

A few folks on one of the music farums i’m in on facebook like my reggae mix so I asked if they would like a copy and they said yes so we exchanged addresses on messenger. I might have a few more mix fans. Wow!

Those 10 packages I mailed out should arrive in peoples mailboxes this Tuesday at the latest.

In other news cancer has claimed another friend! Bruce Sutphan was a Volunteer firefighter and a BHIA coworker. He was always kind to me and we shared many laughs over the years. I’ll miss ya Bruce but we will reunite in heaven.

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