Recent spins

I’ve been Playing a few CDs lately. A few mixCDs and some regular CDs

I was going through a pile of CDs tonight and pulled this. My friend Duke Purged many of his CDs and gave me a bunch including this! I love Weather reports version of Birdland!

My Youtube friend Dean made me this mix years ago! many of the tracks are ripped from vinyl. Sadly he doesn’t make youtube videos anymore. Last I heard he was having issues with his back. I hope he’s OK!

I made this mix several years ago on my first computer. I wonders whhy there were on 16 tracks but then I notices there is a few long songs!

I think this is a CDs that came from Dukes stash of CDs. Being I alreaddy have it I’m going to gift it to someone special in the youtube music community

Ending this blog on a funky note! Earth Wind and fire. I was on facebook when this was playing but i was doing the office chair boogie! Great grooves!

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