Mid April 2021 Random Chatter

I remember last year at this time we were still in lockdown. There were some beautiful days I so wished I could make the rounds. I missed going to stores and visiting people. The only way to keep in touch was facetime and live streaming on facebook and youtube.

The good only good thing about it was catching up on DVDs and listening to CDs I haven’t pulled off the shelves in ages.

This year things are less strict but we still need to wear masks and keep 6 feet apart. A trip to the aquarium is not planned to closer to Memorial Day after I get my second shot. I still need to be careful after that.

I’m less glued to the news and getting back to my bikeride videos. A ride to the Point Pleasant/Manasquan inlet will happen soon.

Last night I made a few more copies of my Reggae mix “Jammin 2021! and hope to pass some around at the spring Board swap at the Beach house!

I hope to interview a few folks for my channel and give them a mix. Sadly Big Al the man in the wheelchair has left us. I will miss him.

I hope to see the rest of the gang like Dereck ,Jamie and Keefer There as Well as Customers and other town folk there.

I’m looking forward to the summer at the Beach and the 2 DJ gigs I have thus far

Heres a shot of a smal but beautiful garden I took 2 day ago!

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