Close to Summer 2021

For a while I have been wanted to do a GoPro bikeride video down to the Manasquan inlet. Yester the weather was calling for rain till 11am.

The sky started clearing up about 11:15. I clipped the GoPro to the shoulder strap of my backpack, Put a few copies of Jammin 2021 in it and off I went. First stop was the Canal lake where I hope to see ducks or swans but there was no action. Non!

The next stop was Lovelandtown Groceries and Provisions. They mostly have organic foods and beverages buts its pretty good. Once in a while I’ll try a caffeine free soda and some of those are good too! I gave them a mix! They seemed to be excited about getting it. I also gave them a few stickers.

Afterwards I stopped at the beach. The sand is pushed up so you can go on now.

Finally it was onwards to the inlet. I didn’t hit traffic till the amusements section ..Naturally! Folks seemed to be happy to finally go to the boardwalk. I’m going to wait till 2 weeks after my 2nd covid shot.

The inlet wasn’t as packed like I thought it would be but there was a good crowd. People were fished or just hanging out watching the boat traffic.

I did a regular Vlog and a 2 part GoPro Video you can watch at

I welcome Comments, subscribers and if you really like my video please give them a thumbs up!

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