what a beauty!

many years ago when I was going through a rough time someone suggested to me about watching sunsets. How right they were! I made it through that rough time but I still enjoy a good sunset. They are magical. Its so calming and relaxing and its like Gods saying “Its OK;I got this!”

Summer is here

Summer has arrived at the Jersey shore. the crowds,and the traffic is here too! Some folks act like where they are going is more important than being safe and obeying traffic laws! Be careful folks! Remember to drink planty of water and wear sunscreen if your outside for a long time. Coppertone #30 is a … More Summer is here

A Plea for peace

For all those who think Killing will change things Violence and the killing of innocent lives is NOT the answer nor is it the solution Please stop already.Just stop it. Put down your weapons and pick up a musical instrument or a pen. God doesn’t want us to till each other He want us to … More A Plea for peace

Random thoughts #6

there is this youtube channel called Jessie 31 where this all this woman does is video tape the mostly drunken antics of her next door neighbor. She has over 1000 subscribers. Whaaat? I’ve have been on youtube since 2012 and cant get over 700. Heck I work hard on giving my views and and family … More Random thoughts #6