Harvest fest 2017

Today was Bay Heads annual Harvest fest.The day started out a little drizzly but My tarp was at the ready. When James Dalton started his first set I covered my gear and headed to Mueller’s Bakery. After a while the sun started to make an appearance and gave me hope the day would not be … More Harvest fest 2017

Just be nice

Today I ran off notices about Violence awareness week. last week was week of respect and before that we had peace day. Peace day? we get week of respect but just one peace day? Today after work I went to get a slice of pizza because I didn’t get to have lunch. The hair salon … More Just be nice

Join us

This Saturday is Bay Heads annual harvest festival in Centennial Park in Bay Head. My friend James Dalton will be bring you live acoustic jams and I’ll be djing between his sets The fun starts 10am. There will be crafts and food. pray for nice weather! I got a few packages mailed off today. I … More Join us

my Camera

I was asked recently what camera I use Currently I use a Nikon Coolpix S9900.Its a point and shoot camera but its easy to fit into a pocketbook or hip pack. it has a 30X zoom lens and I keep it on autofocus for my photos and video shoots. I’m even saving up for a … More my Camera

Whats the buzz

Today as I headed out for a bike ride I saw a big bee on a flower in the garden.I’m told bees wont go after you when they are pollinating but I kept a safe distance just to be safe. I whipped out the camera and… I took some video too. Then I headed off. … More Whats the buzz