The season of Giving has started..with mixtape/CD makers

Each year I send out a Christmas mix CD for family and friends. My youtube friend Tink Maritai AKA Sideshow Tink on youtube made one this year too and she send me hers! I think she recorded all the tracks from vinyl including 78 rpm records. here is the tracklist! There are a few I … More The season of Giving has started..with mixtape/CD makers

Photo fun!

Here’s a few recent photos I think you will enjoy A got a few shots of this swan at a nearby lake off the Point Pleasant Canal and had a few positive comments from seasoned photographers. wow so chuffed about that! This sunset was taken 2 days ago. Man Jersey Shore sunsets are spectacular! Yesterday … More Photo fun!

Larry is back!

For a few weeks now I have not heard from my long time Mixmaking partner by email or on facebook. I started to get worried Yesterday my worries ended when I got an package from him in the mail. First off here is his annual Christmas mix! Larry like country as you can tell! Pardon … More Larry is back!

Tis the Season

This Morning my keys were not in the usual place. I started to worry. then I remembered I left them in my jack pocket becauseĀ  I planned to go for a bike ride. I didn’t go for a bike ride yesterday but they were still in my jacket pocket. Phew! I mailed out 7 packages … More Tis the Season

Beautiful gifts!

Yesterday started out busy as many Mondays do! I came home and found a box waiting for me. It was from my online friend Robert. He is a retired Air Force Sargent. We both are music lovers and have known each other on youtube since 2012. We both are part of a music community on … More Beautiful gifts!

Road trip!

Yesterday I went on a road trip with my friend Carol (from the Beach House) We went to the Allair flea market. I didn’t get anything for myself but I did but up a few albums and 45s for vinyl collecting friends. Carol get a few decorations for the hose and a present shh don’t … More Road trip!