Spring Thing 2021

Here is my new mix! This features a few recent gifts plus songs I haven’t had on a mix in quite some time! I thought it would be just one disc but then one night I went one the library wensite and put a few CDs on hold and.. This is the result! This mix … More Spring Thing 2021

Recent spins

I’ve been Playing a few CDs lately. A few mixCDs and some regular CDs I was going through a pile of CDs tonight and pulled this. My friend Duke Purged many of his CDs and gave me a bunch including this! I love Weather reports version of Birdland! My Youtube friend Dean made me this … More Recent spins

Happy News

Yesyou read right I wrote happy news! I read on facebook that the annual art in the Part is on for June 27th in Bay Head Centennial Park! I will be Deejaying and hoping my friend James will be returning too! This will most likely be my first gig of the year because of Covid. … More Happy News

Are you Serious?

Todays catch Phrase for sure! I came across this Youtube channel and the guy was saying that CDs are Dead. OK this seious satelite,Pandora and what ever is out there is OK for the casual listener but for REAL music fans Physical media is all but dead. There are still people out there who make … More Are you Serious?

Inspired again

Being Febuary is reggae month I was inspired to make an all reggae mix..Well there other elements in this mix too but mostly Reggae I tweaked it a tad but this is the version I’m happy with! I had a song by the Funkees but I sounds more soul then reggae so I replaces it … More Inspired again

Jammin 2021

While I was listening to The part mix I made years ago I got the upge to make a Island themed mix! Ladies and Gentlesmen I present to you Jammin 2021