June News and update

This Monday we wrapped up another School at Bay Head School. For me it was a good year!

I had 3 DJ gigs there last week

Field Day,The school fair and The Ice Cream Party! Good times.I have great coworkers who I am glad to work with. they are an awesome bunch!

I learned something about myself this year. I am NOT a disciplinarian. One day one of the lower wing classes was being a little too load  during one of the last days of PARCC Testing. I volunteered to go down to straighten then out. On the way down the hall I tried to get in disciplinarian mode and upon walking into the room a saw these kids sitting on the floor and these young eyes staring up at me. Hi Guys I said with a smile just to let you know there’s still testing going on so we still need to use our library voices. Right there and then I knew I FAILED! they’re teach smiled and apologized.

I don’t like getting yelled at so I guess that’s why I’m so damn soft!

This Saturday I will be DJing my first graduation Party and Sunday I will be DJing Art in the Park  and my longtime friend James Dalton will be doing his live music. I hope the weather is good.

if you want to learn more about art in the park go to


I hope to see you there!





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